Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

mal eben so geübt und ausprobiert ;o)


  1. Hello,Dearest Sabine:-)
    I can say,I am full of the enchantment with the beautiful glass work,which I can find here,in Your Blog,as well as with Your last Comment You left for me upon my pink quartz necklace,for which I'd like to thank You especially:-)
    I adore Your individual beads,made of glass,the ideas of the mixed colors,tastes,textures and shapes.This is the fantastic area of the new ideas for the jewellery of all kind.The most beautiful example of the fine composition is shown in Your first picture: the fantastic pendant,in warm colors,with the focal element of all my dreams:-)
    The blue beads further on...mmmmm....Yummy!:-))
    You must be so happy to be skilled at making such things-I am so happy to be able to admire them.
    Sometimes it's even hard to imagine,what You can make with glass.These are real Miracles-Miracles:-))
    Warm Hugs and Best Greetings from still sunny Sweden-Halinka-

  2. hi
    ich liebe diese gederehten perlen. und die ganz besonders. gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut